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Music History Flashcards (iOS)

Music History Flashcards is a study aid for the RCM History 1 & History 2 exams (Levels 9 and 10). There are about 450 multiple choice questions for each exam. Try all the questions at once, or focus on musical terms, composers' styles, composers' repertoire, composer biographies, score excerpts representative works, or era. The answer screens include additional background information relating to the the question. The app is based on the 2016 syllabus.

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Mini Music Theory School (iOS)

Mini Music Theory School contains flashcard-style exercises for you to practice intervals, triads (major, minor, diminished and augmented), scales (17 types, including the church modes), 7th chords (dominant, major, minor, half-diminished and diminished), key signatures, as well as simple, compound and hybrid time signatures. The app also links you to tutorials here on this website. These tutorials cover all the material you need in order to do the exercises in the app.

Music History Flashcards reviews from teachers

"This is a beautifully done app, and a welcome study companion for the RCM/music development program history exam ... a very fun way to study for the exam, or just learn music history!"

"As a music history teacher, I have found these flashcards to be invaluable in the process of preparing for the RCM Music History Exam. All the material is covered in detail and presented in a fun and engaging way. If you want to achieve a top result in your exam get this app asap!"

"Great flash cards! A wonderful, interactive teaching and learning tool for both teachers and students!"

"As a music history teacher, I enjoyed reviewing this very useful app. Excited to recommend this app to my music history students!"

"A very useful tool for students and teachers. Easy to use and navigate. Good prep for RCM examinations."

"Great app! Use it all the time. Makes learning fun. Way to go!"

... and for Mini Music Theory School

"I love how learning with this app is so easy and convenient. Definitely worth downloading and introducing to music students of all levels!!"

"This app is laid out in a clear and uncluttered fashion that makes it easy to focus on the task at hand. The background is peaceful and calming. Can be used for review, or learning from scratch via the tutorials. Love the multi-lingual words of encouragement!"